Hot Plate Holders

The IMACO Hot Plate Holders are produced using a 12-ply white tissue and measure 150mm specially shaped with scalloped edges and can be printed to include both your logo and house colours. The holders are widely used for outdoor catering events by the catering & hospitality industries and hotels for room service and parties, as well as restaurants for private functions catered off premises.

Tray Liners & Placemats

The IMACO Tray Liners and placemats are supplied in a number of shapes & sizes to suit your requirements and are available in a variety of materials and finishes which can be printed with your logo and house colours if required.

Glass Covers

IMACO Glass Covers are offered in a wide range of sizes which can be supplied either plain from stock or printed to your specification.

Teapot Holders

IMACO Teapot Holders, size 120x120mm specially shaped holders are manufactured in 12-ply tissue which can be printed with your logo and colours or supplied plain from stock.


IMACO Sugar Sticks and sachets are packed exclusively with Sugar of the highest quality. The sachets and sticks can be supplied with either white or brown sugar as required. In addition, we also offer IMACO artificial sweetner, supplied in either sachet or stick format which can be printed to your specification using your logo and colours.

Butter Dish Covers

IMACO Butter Dish Covers are available in 60mm and the more popular 65mm sizes. They can be supplied with or without a pull off lip and printed in your own design and colours onto 65gsm paper. When used in connection with our boiled egg covers, they provide a branded feel to the product as well as being hygienic. They are therefore highly suitable for use with hotel room service tray orders as well as in general dining areas, particulary as most dining rooms are kept warm during both the Summer & Winter seasons.

Boiled Egg Covers

IMACO Boiled Egg Covers are produced using 20-ply white tissue and are generously sized at 100mm x 85mm rectangular. The covers keep boiled eggs warm whilst they transfer from the kitchen to the dining room or when delivered on room service trays. The covers can be printed on one side with your design and colours and give an exclusive feel to your breakfast selection, especially when used in conjunction with IMACO Butter Dish Covers.